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What is Eat Smart New York Long Island?

Eat Smart New York Long Island (ESNYLI) is dedicated to strengthening families and communities. We provide obesity prevention activities targeted to SNAP and SNAP eligible population through a community-based approach. The ESNYLI program collaborates with many to create systematic change through policy, practice and environmental approaches.

The goal of these collaborative efforts is to facilitate and empower voluntary adoption of healthy nutrition and physical activity behaviors conducive to the positive health and well-being of limited resource individuals, families and youth.

We encourage families eligible for SNAP to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink fewer sweetened beverages and practice healthy lifestyles. We also support families and other community partners to build and sustain edible gardens, healthy corner stores, healthy laundromats, places of faith, farmer’s markets and school wellness.

Our team of nutrition educators works closely with collaborators to reach and engage SNAP participants with quality programming. We rely on community collaborators where people Eat, Live, Learn, Play, Shop and Work including, The Department of Social Services, health centers, Office of the Aging, community coalitions, high-need schools, food banks and pantries, affordable housing, farmers' markets and grocery stores.

The goals of the ESNYLI program are to:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink less sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Exercise more and balance calories eaten as part of a healthy lifestyle

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